Working remote is becoming more and more popular in the workforce. In all industries, virtual teams are being assembled all around the world to push initiatives forward. Let’s be real, with the increase of technology, clouds, servers, and businesses being moved to digital spaces, people are constantly looking for remote work. In some businesses, hiring managers are utilizing the unique advantages and benefits of working with a remote team. Granted, hiring remotely does have its challenges but the benefits greatly outweigh the cons. I would like to share with you some of those benefits.



Access to a larger, more talented candidate pool to recruit from

There is a lot of qualified talent to recruit located outside of the office location. Some of the challenges people face when considering a new opportunity are families are involved, selling your home if you own a property, and the actual costs of moving if the expenses are not handled by the employer.

When you are open to building a remote team, you greatly increase your chances and options of recruiting from a higher level of expertise along with a bigger pool of talent. Just think of the possibilities you now have. You are no longer fishing in a small pond but in the ocean!


2. Reduced Expenses and Increased Cash Flow

When running a business, you want to have the lowest bottom line possible. Working with remote talent is one opportunity to do just that! Your overhead is lowered because you don’t have to account for physical space for this employee. When looking to hire talent that requires the employee to move states or cities, this is an expense you may have to pick up. If you are located in a city with a higher cost of living, some of your employees may choose to commute rather than live in the city. Commuting is another factor candidates take into consideration when applying for jobs. Tests have proven remote workers have greater productivity, which results in higher cash flow and increased bottom line for you!


3. There Are Even More Workers for Part-Time and/or Contract Roles  

If you are looking for part-time and/or contract roles (which has an easier hiring process), candidates are more likely to consider if the position is remote. There is a higher amount of remote part-time workers available than on-site part-time and full-time workers. I had a client who was looking for a part-time expert that lived in the local area, but there was none available in the market. Once I suggested to my client to consider making the role remote, I was able to match him with an expert located outside of the area but still had the skill set he needed!


4. A More Efficient Team

Take a second to think about all of the work you could get done! If you hire members in 3 different time zones, your team can be productive more hours of the day (3 additional hours per day). If you hire internationally, the productivity and availability level is endless. Hiring the right people on your team can expand your capacity and produce a better return on the time spent while getting different perspectives.

In a recent Global Workforce Analytics survey, 53% of remote workers stated they were likely to work overtime, while only 28% of their in-office counterparts suggested they would do the same.

When a person is working from their own home or office, they’re separated from the daily distractions that happen in a traditional office. Examples; small talk with colleagues, random meeting requests, etc. Additionally, not everybody is the most productive during the 9 to 5. Some people do their best work at night and are more productive in the early mornings.

Hiring remote workers is a great option many businesses are moving towards because of the benefits we explored. In the Adobe Experience Manager space, many of my candidates want remote roles rather than a traditional in-house role. Our job is to provide you with the best talent in the market, so being open to remote talent is one of the best ways to add and build out your team!

STAY TUNED for next week’s blog, How to Manage Your Remote Talent!

Be Great,

Julius Holt


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