If you are a hiring manager in a niche industry (IT, Tech, etc.), you know the struggles that arise when you start searching for the right candidate.


What skills do you need? What is on the “wish list”? How much can I pay? What is a competitive comp for these skills? Who should I bring in to help? Where do I start?!


These are amongst some of the first concerns I hear, and this blog will give you insight into how to get that process firing on all cylinders so you can do what you do best- manage high performing teams.


Tip 1: Know the market

Calling a trusted recruiter to get insight into the market is a great idea. If you work with a full-desk recruiter (one that handles both their own clients & candidates), then they know what the market looks like because the bulk of their day is spent talking to these candidates. A great recruiter can tell you how realistic your requirements are, and how big of a pool you have to fish from.


Tip 2: Give the role to only one agency


This is a big one. Recruiters prioritize their work based off of how fillable their roles are. When a recruiter has a role exclusively they know that it is very fillable and it moves to the top of their list. Also, put yourself in a candidates shoes who is getting multiple calls from recruiters about the same role.

Why are so many people working this role? Are they having a hard time filling it because of low pay or unrealistic expectations? Are they serious about getting the right person or just talking to everyone?


The reputation of your company and your team is represented through the recruiter contacting your prospective candidates.


Tip 3: Give your agency a manager contact


This one is often overlooked. However, when a manager contact is given the recruiter can take a complete job spec to know exactly what is needed. Often times the general HR job spec is a more of a wish list of skills and traits, but the manager will know exactly what they want and what they may be willing to overlook. This can not only save time with the requirements but with calendars as well. Eliminating a middleman means that your recruiter will have direct contact and will not have to go through the Chinese telephone.


Tip 4: Don’t leave candidates hanging


The more niche an industry is, the faster the candidates move. Be clear with your agency about what the process looks like to get this person hired. There is almost nothing worse than finding the right person for your team, only to lose them to another position because you could not act quick enough.


Focus GTS works with some of the largest companies in the US and helps them with roles in all areas if technology. If you found these tips useful, and have any further questions about how to improve your process we would love to hear from you!


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