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The Focus GTS Story

“Align Yourself With An Expert”


Focus Global Talent Solutions is a specialty IT staffing firm with a focus on three core areas of technology. In the IT sectors, we focus on are Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Digital Marketing Technology, and Business Intelligence.

Founded by Dave Fox, who has been working in the IT staffing space since 2010, Focus GTS brings a creative and consultative approach to helping both our clients and candidates.

We understand finding the right talent (especially in a niche area) can be extremely difficult and navigating the waters of finding a new job can be challenging.

Our mission is to make recruitment as painless and efficient as possible and it’s that attitude that will shine through in every interaction with a member of our team.

Meet the Founders

Dave Fox

Dave Fox

Founder & CEO

Dave’s journey in the recruitment industry started back in New York City in 2010. Where he stumbled upon a Craigslist Ad for a global recruitment company that was expanding their reach to the U.S. For the next 8 years, Dave moved from trainee recruiter to running an entirely new market. Dave is dedicated to creating the most innovative staffing company in the United States. 

Brittany Fox

Brittany Fox

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Brittany oversees the day to day operation of Focus GTS as well as the recruitment for Data Science and AI. Brittany has a way of helping people with some of the most important decisions they will encounter in life, like purchasing a home and finding a place to work. When Brittany is not focusing on the recruiting and Focus GTS she can be found doing yoga. 

Meet the Leadership Team

Gregory Preiser

Gregory Preiser

Chief Sales Officer

Gregory Preiser is globally recognized as the leading expert in retained search and market mastery. From fortune 100 to startup companies Gregory has changed lives and continues to make great impact among various companies. He brings extensive operations, Financial and C level recruitment success experience to Focus Global Talent Solutions.


Joseph Musa

Joseph Musa

Head IT Manager

As Head IT Manager, Joseph Musa leads the IT recruitment team and is responsible for every recruiter in Miami, Fl. headquarters. For the last 7 years, Joseph has built his career as an international IT Headhunter. In his last role, he was a Senior IT Lead recruiter. Joseph is most passionate about matching people to incredible opportunities so that they can care for their families.




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