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Things are getting faster, but RECRUITMENT isn't. Recruitment has decreased by 50% since 2010.


– According to a study by the Corporate Executive Board


The average vacancy costs $500 per day. The life of an average vacancy is 68 days, costing a company a total of $34,000.



This is 37 days longer than the proven amount of time it takes to hire someone before the motivation to hire declines.



Lower productivity costs U.S businesses up to $11 million per 1,000 vacancies.



The cost of a bad hire is 30% of employee's first year salary.



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Easy as 1, 2, 3

A smooth and easy recruitment process means that everyone involved knows what their role is and is accountable for their part in bringing on the right hire.


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Our process evaluation meeting ensures we have a thorough understanding of your recruitment process, from resume submission to start date. We discuss any and all concerns around risks including bad
hires and agree upon the best way to minimize those risks.



Having been through 1,000’s of recruitment cycles we know what works best and can
offer our expertise to make your process as quick as possible without sacrificing any due diligence.

Hire The Best

Studies prove that the incentive to hire declines after 37 days and we don’t even want to get near that point. At Focus GTS, we will the role in 30 days every time!


Why Choose Us

Market Expertise

At Focus every member of our team focuses
only one of our core areas of expertise. All they do each and every day is speak to candidates and hiring managers within that vertical, which allows them to quickly develop both expertise and a vast network within that market. This method allows us to submit candidates within 24 hours on average, build excellent rapport with passive candidates and gives us access
to candidates that generalists simply won’t know about.

Culture Of Success

At Focus GTS we’ve created a culture of success. Our motto is “We take the pain out
of recruitment, so you can focus on what
you do best” and that’s what we aim to do in every interaction with both our clients and candidates. We understand the unexpected occurs frequently in this industry so our teat trains daily on how to make sure we know everything about a candidate we present and have all the tools available to close a candidate on your offer. The most valuable resource for a company to hit their goals is people, so when we win so do you!

360 Sales Model

In the US, staffing companies have embraced a”split desk” model of recruitment whereby one individual speaks with candidates and another individual interacts with clients. Much like the “Chinese Telephone” game, we believe this added layer can mix messages and create miscommunication between a client and a candidate. At Focus GTS our specialists who speak to you are the same people speaking to the candidates. This allows our team to have a better understanding of the market, provide better communication to our clients and be better incentivized to fill your role.

Happy Clients.

thumb_02_60_60Director of A.I.

“With aggressive growth plans within our team getting the right people on board in a timely manner is extremely important to us and Focus GTS has been an integral factor in our people strategy.”

Jason Meyer

“Their service has been invaluable to our success as a company. They have saved us time by prescreening the candidates and ensuring that we only spoke to high- quality candidates who met our requirements.”

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